Who is Ryan Murphy?

Podcaster, Web Designer, Gamer, Human Being
Ryan and Ashley in Jackson's Park. Fall 2013.


Website DesignerComputer Science Graduate of Trent UniversityPodcaster and Gamer (in no particular order). I currently live in Peterborough, Ontario with my lovely wife, Ashley.

Let’s Play

Nintendo ID: RyanMurphy
3DS: 1375-7239-8763
PSN: Murpan
Xbox Live: Murpan
Steam: RMurphy
Origin: ArmTheNuke
Battle.NET: RMurphy#1138


Let’s face it, I play a LOT of games. Listeners of The Gamers’ Inn know this quite well. I jump around between my PC, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS4, and Xbox One. Feel free to add me on your platform of choice!