You’ve probably heard of Hearthstone. The free to play card battling game from Blizzard based on the Warcraft series? Of course you have! Any ways, I’m not very good at the game so I started a YouTube series to help me rank up.

In each episode of Ryan Rekt Ranked I’m joined by a Hearthstone expert to guide me in my quest to conquer all the things. In the past four episodes I’ve been joined by my Gamers’ Inn co-host, Jocelyn Moffett. Topics covered so far include basic ranked play, Grand Tournament pack openings, deck building, and the Naxxramas Adventure. At the end of an episode I’m given a homework assignment to complete before the next episode. It’s really helped me progress in the game, as it gives me a goal to strive for.

If you’ve been holding off on Hearthstone or want some tips on where to get started, check out Ryan Rekt Ranked. Also, be sure to send questions, comments, or suggestions to me for future episodes!