After a weekend of tax filing and Walking Dead watching, I’m back one day late to recap the last week. But don’t worry, we’re only going to talk about one of those things here. 🙂

New Guest Writer for Gamers’ Inn: Joshua Hill

The Gamers’ Inn website has always had a blog section, but the site has primarily been a host to just the podcast. In the past we’ve had our fair share of guest writers and this last month we’ve added a newcomer to that roster! Meet Joshua Hill, a full time writer with credits at and This last week we posted his second article, taking a look at video game reviewers. His first article was inspired by our Evolve conversations on the podcast and focused on the state of DLC in the game industry. Personally, I’m looking forward to more work from Joshua on The Gamers’ Inn website, so be sure to check it out, comment and share.

iZombie: Not Just Walking Dead on ZAMP

Of the crew on Zombies Ate My Podcast I feel like I’ve been the most critical of the zombie genre. For me, The Walking Dead really sticks out as the best it has to offer. Sure, World War Z with Brad Pitt from 2013 was OK, but nothing quite outshines Robert Kirkman’s behemoth franchise. I’m happy to report that may be changing for the better. Launched this month and recently discussed on ZAMP is the CW’s iZombie. Based on the DC Vertigo comic book, the show focuses on a zombie that helps solve crimes by eating the brains of murder victims. Ok, yes, it sounds nuts, but that’s the best part! It’s quirky like Pushing Daisies, and just like that show it’s well written and acted.


To Bloodborne, Or Not To Bloodborne

It’s been a crazy week, which means there wasn’t a lot of time for video games. But that usually doesn’t stop Jocelyn and I from recording a new Gamers’ Inn. This week we spent a good portion of the show trying to convince ourselves to pick up Bloodborne. It’s the big new exclusive for the PS4, known to most as the follow up on next gen to the popular Souls games. In the end, I did pick the game up and will have impressions on the next Gamers’ Inn, so stay tuned for that.

Ted Cruzin’ for a Brusin’

Back for it’s second week, Sleeping With The Elephant can’t help but focus on Ted Cruz’s recent announcement to run for President in 2016. But, by forcing himself into the spotlight, a lot of other crazy news stories came out. It took me almost a half hour to find a post strictly focusing on his announcement to run…

YouTube: Card Crawl

Finally, I’ll close out this post with a look at a recent YouTube publish. Card Crawl is a Universal iOS game that plays like Solitaire but is so much more interesting. Check out the game play video and be sure to subscribe for more awesome gaming goodness!