The weekly review is back, and hopefully this time it will remain weekly! I published a bunch of new content this week, so let’s get right to it.

Galactic Gaming News

GGN is a new mini segment I’ve been submitting to Galactic Netcasts, run by Dave Nelson. I’ve guested on his Sci-Fi Geeks Club podcast before and was happy to put together a small snippet of content for him to insert into his podcasts. Galactic Gaming News takes three video game news items that have any sort of Science Fiction relation and packages them into a three minute or so segment. Been having a lot of fun putting these together! Be sure to listen to Sci-Fi Geeks Club and check them out.

Walking Dead Double Header

On Zombies Ate My Podcast we missed a week due to scheduling conflicts, which made for a fun make up show. With two episodes of the Walking Dead to cover AND news on the companion series, we had a lot of Walker Talk to get through. The penultimate episode for Season 5 premieres tonight… Can’t wait to watch and discuss it with the ZAMP crew. If you’re at all interested in some awesome SPOILER chat for Walking Dead, be sure to subscribe to Zombies Ate My Podcast.

Heroes Storm the Gamers’ Inn

Over on the Gamers’ Inn we’ve been playing a lot of Blizzard’s new MOBA Heroes of the Storm. It’s been dominating Game Night (every Thursday at 8 PM EST) and our What We’ve Been Playing segment. I shared my experience with the new 3DS game Codename S.T.E.A.M., which was developed by Intelligent Systems and makes for a cool XCOM like strategy game. Only downside to the title is the LONG wait times between your turns. It’s almost like you need your Twitter feed handy just to keep you occupied while the aliens take their sweet, sweet time. Other than that we recorded our first Patreon hangout on Saturday. Will be posting the audio to the Patreon page and then a week later for everyone else on the feed.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Will conclude this post with a gameplay video I recorded from Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s a fairly new title that I thought was exclusive to Xbox One, but arrived on Xbox 360 and PC as well! It’s a beautiful game and has AMAZING music (purchased the soundtrack shortly after I recorded). I’ve been posting at least two videos a week to my YouTube page. If you’re into video games, be sure to subscribe!