Another short week sees two podcasts take a break but one back for Bloodborne! All this and some Patreon love on the Weekly Wrap-up for April 6th to the 12th of 2015.

To Bloodborne, Or Not To Bloodborne

I think it’s safe to say that I most certainly did check out Bloodborne. After our hypothetical conversation a few weeks back on The Gamers’ Inn about purchasing the title I raced to the PS4 eager to see why so many sites were rating the game so highly. In the past I’ve been very vocal on my feelings towards the “Souls” games. Without getting into too much detail, I’ll just say I don’t particularly like them… Anyways, after our conversation on Episode 161 of The Gamers’ Inn and watching various gameplay videos on YouTube, I decided the game seemed to address my many issues with the series. And boy did it ever!

Fast forward a week and I have Matt Kearney, good friend and all around awesome dude, on The Gamers’ Inn to strictly talk all things Bloodborne. We cover combat, gameplay mechanics, bosses, co-op, chalice dungeons and a whole lot more! If you’re looking for a great primer for the series in podcast form, this is the episode of Gamers’ Inn for you!

Gamers’ Inn Patreon Hangout for 2015

March 2015 Hangout

As many of you may already know, The Gamers’ Inn has a Patreon that helps fund the content Jocelyn and I produce each week. A new addition to the Milestones since we upgraded the website is a Patreon Hangout. In late March we recorded our first Patreon Hangout live with some awesome guests, all Patrons of the podcast. It’s taken me a little longer to post it for all, but Patrons of The Gamers’ Inn have been enjoying it for a few weeks now. The plan going forward is to post the archive for Patrons and then one week later for all our listeners on the podcast feed. The April Hangout is in the planning stages, with more details coming soon, so head on over to and become a Patron to participate!

YouTube: Yep, More Bloodborne

Two mediums helped me pull the trigger on picking up Bloodborne. Podcasts and YouTube videos. To help spread the word of the game, and give new comers to the game a visual overview, I recorded a half hour gameplay intro to Bloodborne. Hope you like it, and in the future I’m hoping to produce a few more videos looking at a boss, co-op and Chalice Dungeons. Enjoy!

Coming Up

Next week should be back to normal for all of the weekly podcasts I co-host. We have our first post-Walking Dead Zombies Ate My Podcast this week, so we’ll be back to a mostly non-spoiler format. Speaking of spoilers though, I’ll be guesting on The Citadel Cafe Wednesday at 8 PM EST to spoil the return for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Be sure to catch up on the TV epic before listening, as Joel‘s spoiler episodes go into a lot of detail! See you all soon!