It’s no surprise to people who visit this site that I love video games, so when I had the chance to review Splatoon on Wii U for The Gamers’ Inn, I was super pumped! Have I mentioned I’m a huge Nintendo fan as well? Working with Nintendo of Canada I received a review copy of Splatoon two weeks before release and spent time in almost every corner of the game. I was unable to try amiibo functionality before posting the review, but since then I’ve been able to give it a shot and it’s a fantastic implementation (if you can find the Splatoon amiibo in stores).

If you own a Wii U and haven’t picked up Splatoon, check out the review and be prepared to pick up this title. It’s a great addition to the Wii U library and a fantastic new IP from Nintendo. Stay fresh!

Splatoon: Worth The Mess

Nintendo needs new intellectual property to work with since they haven’t explored uncharted territory after Pikmin on the GameCube. That can be debated from now until the mushrooms come home, but it is a fact that Nintendo hasn’t touched one of the most popular genres in gaming: Online Shooters.